Meet our team

Meet the folks who make it all happen. 

We see big potential in every moment and care deeply about what we do every day. Our unique development ensures that we have the very best staff across the organisation, and at every level of operation. Our team reflects a group of diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the company.


David Osano

Business Manager
Passionate about providing efficient, affordable and competitive staffing solutions to the Healthcare Industry. Enjoys traveling, reading and writing to mention but a few. Self-confessed geek and known introvert* Run's

Becky Weaver-Smith

Branch Manager
Self-starter in the Recruitment and staffing sector. Personable and considerate at all times. Enjoys traveling, car enthusiast and a beautician when not at work. 

Kelsey Scibberras

Recruitment Administrator
Learning enthusiast with a keen interest in Administration. Hardworking and an active Team player at all times.

Chris Davies

Recruitment Administrator
A Professional, hard-working, and a team player. A veteran of the forces, Chris brings with him Discipline, commitment and efficiency o his role. Keen Golfermore.

Tanya Jones

Recruitment Administrator
Dedicated and keen administrator, eager to learn more in the business world while always seeking self-improvement. Enjoys Horse riding and camping

TIna Zizila

Care Coordinator
Seeking to always improve Care quality, Standards and efficiency at all times. Multi-linguist with a passion for travel and the blue waters.

Wasim Fadra

Recruitment Manager
A Professional, motivated and dedicated manager always seeking means and ways to add efficiency to his role and portfolio. Business enthusiast. Passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures. I am a keen sportsman. Interest in keeping up to date with news and politics.

Lucia Turacova

Recruitment Manager
A highly motivated and conscientious individual who will always go the extra mile to ensure that all tasks are done to a higher standard. always professional. Fashion enthusiast and multi-linguist

Collins Wireko

Accounts Manager
A Professional, dedicated and fact enthusiast. Collins looks after all matters Accounts, Payroll and Finance. Dedicated family man, enjoys reading and learning new ideas.

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